• Player: 2 – 4
  • Playtime: 30 – 45 min
  • Category: Card Game, Strategy Transport Game
  • Designer: Rainer Knöbel

  • Publisher: TF Verlag UGSpelmaterial

  • Illustration: Odysseas Stamoglou


It is the year 2124. Energy has become a rare commodity as consequence of the industrialisation of our universe. One of the main energy sources is “White Ranium”. The large energy companies can hardly find new planets on which they can find the raw material. A worthwhile volume of the energy source in a few Ranium mines is searched for with a heavy-duty surface scanner. The Mega Group Troll Factory Unlimited found some on planet GH-328. Several rival mine crews will be sent to the mine to fi nd the “White Ranium” and to transport it to the space loader. But watch out: The ”White Ranium” isn´t secure until it arrives at the space loader. It can be intercepted by the other mine crews. Each space loader can load up to two units of ”White Ranium”. The mine crew has to go back to the base camp in the middle of the mine to recharge their equipment. After that they can send more units of ”White Ranium” to the space loader. The Crew uses the molecular transporter of the space loader for transport to the base camp.

t22-mine.htm my game.htm

Goal of the game

Every player takes the part of one mine crew, collects ”White Ranium” in the mine and transports it to the space loader. The player who is the first to transport 3 units of ”White Ranium” to the space loader wins the game.



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